With Food in Mind at Greening the City

Posted by Nicole J. Caruth on July 30, 2012



© Jenna Spevack. A microfarm inside a small travel case.

With Food in Mind launches on August 4 with Arugula! Arugula!, a drop-in art and food workshop for children ages 6 and up. The workshop takes place at Greening the City, the second annual eco art festival organized by The Laundromat Project and hosted by Weeksville Heritage Society (map).

Artist Jenna Spevack will teach children how to  make mini farms from a simple combination of arugula seeds, soil, and recycled containers. The young artists-slash-farmers will take their portable creations home and watch them grow! What’s a family to do with the greens after they sprout? Alongside Spevack will be community chef Melissa Danielle demonstrating how to harvest and use arugula in a delicious and healthy dish. Arugula! Arugula! follows the life cycle of plants from soil to stomach.

Greening the City runs 12-4pm; With Food in Mind’s workshop is from 12-1:30pm only.

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